Make Gravity

Want to make your own gravity?


  • 1. Small Can

  • 2. String

  • 3. Water


1. Attach a piece of string to an empty can

2. Fill the can up halfway with water

3. Do not put the lid back on

4. In an outside area, swing the can around you head very quickly

Fun Fact:

The surface gravity on the planets in our solar system varies.


If Earth has a surface gravity of one, the surface gravity on the other planets would be as follows:

Mercury: 0.38 Venus: 0.91

Mars: 0.38 Jupiter: 2.36

Saturn: 0.92 Uranus:0.89

Neptune: 1.12 Pluto (dwarf planet): 0.07

Put your brain to work:

What can you infer about size of the planets and their surface gravity using the information in the hypothetical situation above?

How to make an inference: You can make an inference by drawing conclusions using background information (things you already know) and clues.

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