Sweating Plants

Water vapor given off by plants is called Transpiration.


  • Potted Plant

  • Clear plastic bag

  • Water

  • Pitcher

  • Large Rubber Band


  1. Water the potted plant first, making sure you fill the plat to the bottom so that the roots are well watered.

  2. Cover the plant and the pot with the plastic bag.

  3. Secure the bag to the pot with the rubber band so that no air can escape.

  4. Leave the plant overnight. The next day you will notice water in the bag.

Fun Fact: The moisture inside the bag is not sweat. It is water. This comes from the plant drawing in the water from the soil and giving off water vapor from its leaves. This is turned into water and stays on the inside of the bag.

Task: Listen to The Water Cycle by Dr. Eye and Ms. Education

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